Get EQ Coaching

Daniel Bobinski has been coaching on Emotional Intelligence for nearly 30 years.  At this time he works with only a limited number of coaching clients . Coaching sessions are typically scheduled weekly, and meetings can be conducted online (i.e., Skype), over the phone, or face-to-face (whichever works best). If you are a coaching client, Daniel custom tailors the weekly assignments to fit your specific situation, but they always following the EQ Model (self-awareness, self-management, social-awareness, relationship management).

All assignments are designed for you to develop a greater understanding of yourself (your strengths, your shortcomings, your emotions, desires, & tendencies) and also how to “read” these things in others and learn to adapt to achieve greater productivity, effectiveness, and profitability.

EQ Coaching requires a minimum three-month commitment.  Most coaching relationships last approximately six months.

Call (208) 375-7606 or send an email to inquire about EQ Coaching.

Endorsements from EQ coaching clients:

I have been in management for most of my professional life. I found that working with Daniel Bobinski made me a far better manager and a far more effective leader and executive. I would recommend his expertise, his training, and his books to anyone, without reservation.

– Dan Brinkman
Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Hospital Maintenance Associates


I am a much better manager after going through Daniel Bobinski’s program. I’m more effective, and my teams are more productive.

– Bruce Judson
Vice President of Technology
Qualcomm, Incorporated