Can Emotional Intelligence Help You Be Successful?

You’ve heard the terms soft skills, people skills, and emotional intelligence (EQ), and we could probably split hairs and differentiate among these terms. However, the ability to know our strengths, preferences, weaknesses and tendencies – and to be able to read these in other people – are vital skills we need for success.

Everything starts with knowing yourself. Just look at the 11 skills that will make you super successful published by and you’ll see it’s mostly about knowing yourself managing yourself, plus how well you communicate with others

Interestingly, the EQ model (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management) provides a great framework for learning and building on these skills. And best of all, the EQ is learnable.

I contend that emotional intelligence is much more than simply understanding emotions. That’s because every aspect of our personality has an “emotional” component. For instance, all behavioral preferences have emotional components.

Some examples:

If someone has a strong driver personality (DISC type “D” / Colors type red), the affiliated emotion is anger. More specifically, the person tends to have a short fuse. He or she gets angry quickly, but also becomes un-angry just as quickly.

This is powerful information. If this describes you, you can develop a strategy for managing that anger when it bubbles up. If this describes someone you live with or work with, you can develop a strategy for dealing with their anger when it appears. For the analytical type (DISC type “C” / Colors type blue), the affiliated emotion is “fear.” More specifically, a person with this core style is afraid of the consequences of making a bad decision.

Again, knowing this about yourself – or recognizing it in other people – enables you to develop winning strategies.

How can such knowledge help you be successful? Behavioral styles are observable! Therefore, because only four core behavioral styles exist, you don’t have to become a psychologist. Just learn how to recognize the four core behavioral styles, learn their affiliated emotions, and you’re well on your way to applying emotional intelligence on your road to success.

Like I said, every facet of our personality (behavioral style, cognitive style, learned and natural motivators) all have affiliated emotions. As we learn about ourselves, and learn about these different facets, we greatly increase our capacity to apply emotional intelligence and achieve the success we so earnestly desire.

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